Dream & Moon Mantra: Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse

taurus new moon solar eclipse 2022

Powerhouse of energy is happening now!

On April 30th (or depending on where you are in the world) we have the Taurus new moon solar eclipse. Typically around new moons and full moons, the energy is potent for a few days before and after.

As per usual, I went into the Dream World this past week to connect with Spirit and ask what energies they wanted you to tune into for this upcoming lunar cycle.

The overarching message was "Go to Source."...meaning go to your on Soul, Heart, God, The Universe, Source energy, (whatever name resonates the most for you) and navigate your life from that place. 

It's really a time to explore your beliefs, thoughts and ideas. Where are you allowing others to influence your thoughts, beliefs, decisions and how you move through the world?

For example, if you were born under completely different circumstances and raised in a completely different way, you would have a different set of beliefs, thoughts, ideas, etc....so what makes you think your beliefs and ideas are absolutely RIGHT?

It's time to open up your mind and energy to consider an opposite opinion or belief and learn to have compassion for others with different view points than yours.

It doesn't mean you need to throw out all your beliefs, but it's about challenging them to discover if they still hold the same truth for you now as they once perhaps did. Maybe as you've grown and evolved in your journey, it's time your thoughts, beliefs and ideas do too.

One of my past teachers, Kimberly Herkert, use to always say "Shatter your beliefs on the rock of truth".

I had another teacher, Daniel Goodenough, say "Prove yourself wrong 5x before you get out of bed every morning."

Now, I understand this can be an intense process and it also doesn't have to be. The purpose of this is to really step into deeper compassion and understanding for yourself and other people. It's also to take back your power from where you've given it away to others.

Here are some reflective questions to journal on:
  • How might you have give up some of your power by taking on beliefs, thoughts and ideas that belonged to someone or something else and do not align with you?

    • Are these absolute truths or are they borrowed ideas that you decided to believe and that's why you think they are true?

  • Take something you strongly believe in and explore opposing ideas and see how you might be wrong.

  • Where do the majority of my beliefs come from?

  • Where are you allowing others to influence your thoughts, beliefs, decisions and how you move through the world?

  • How can you prove yourself wrong?

Now is the time to start connecting more deeply with your Heart and Soul to receive guidance and navigate your life from that place.

Here is your dream and moon mantra:

"I fully align with my Heart and follow its wisdom and guidance."

How to use this mantra:

  • Write the mantra somewhere you’ll see it daily.
  • Place this mantra under your pillow each night.
  • Focus on this mantra before bed and if you can do it will bathing in the moons energy that’s even better!
  • Work with it for the entire lunar cycle (or until you feel complete with it).
  • You can set reminders throughout your day to connect in with your mantra.
  • TRUST that you’re receiving the integrations and downloads that are flowing at this time.

I hope you find this helpful over this next lunar cycle! Feel free to share your comments below!



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