Hi! I’m Holly


Dreams and the infinite Dream World are my realm of passion and expertise. As a Dream Oracle, I possess a unique and magical gift – the conscious connection with Spirit and The Universe as I navigate the ethereal realms of dreams and astral planes.



Within the dimensions of the Dream World, I energetically and subconsciously work with my clients, supporting their journey of transformation and awakening to a deeper conscious alignment with their Higher Selves. Through dreams, I receive profound guidance and messages, offering invaluable support to my clients as they navigate their transformational and healing journey within this waking dream.

In a world where the ancient art of true dream work and Dream Oracles has become a forgotten magic, I stand among the few who have embraced this sacred calling. A core part of my mission is to awaken and nurture the unique dreaming gifts within others.

My own spiritual and healing journey has inspired me to facilitate healing, growth, and a profound connection to heart's desires for others. After embarking on a life-altering journey in 2016 – leaving my corporate job in Vancouver, Canada, to follow the call of my Heart and Soul on the island of Mallorca, Spain – I have returned to my home country, Canada, after four transformative years.

As the Founder of both Dream Oracle School and Dream Alchemist Academy, my mission is to empower others to use dreams as a tool for spiritual awakening, helping them learn their personal dream language and perhaps even unlocking their own unique abilities as dreamers.

Additionally, I host The Dream Collective Podcast, where I share dream-related tips, insights, inspiration, and wisdom.

At the core of my gifts lies the extraordinary ability to channel Spirit while asleep, connecting with the Dream World on behalf of others and the collective to receive messages, insights, and guidance on specific questions. As a Dream Oracle, I am a conduit for dreaming on behalf others – navigating the dimensions of the Dream World to connect with, support, heal, and guide individuals on their path to transformation, healing, and profound alignment with their Higher Selves.

In this mystical space of dreams and awakening, I am thrilled to ignite the spark within you, guiding you on a transformative journey of dreams, self-discovery, and spiritual growth.

Thank you for being on this journey with me 🤍🌙.

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