Hi! I’m Holly


I’m a Dream Oracle. I have a unique ability to channel messages from Spirit and The Universe while dreaming in the Dream World.

YES, you read that correctly, when I’m sleeping, I have a very unique ability where I can connect with Spirit and The Universe. I can go into the Dream World, ask questions on behalf of my clients and receive the answers.



Currently, I’m one of a few in the world that works with the Dream World and connecting to Spirit and The Universe in this way. In ancient times, Dream Oracles were much more common, nowadays, this has become a forgotten art. Part of my mission is to be a catalyst in awakening other Dream Oracles to their own unique gifts - which is why I've created my Dream Oracle School.

Through my own personal spiritual and healing journey, it’s inspired me to help others heal, grow and connect to their true hearts desires in their own lives. In 2016, I left my corporate job in Vancouver, Canada, moved to the island of Mallorca, Spain. The inspiration behind this move, was to create a business from my Heart and Soul to help others connect with their Hearts and Souls so they can create their life from that space as well. The more people who are living from their Hearts and Souls, the better this world will be.

It’s now through my private client practice where I help individuals overcome obstacles, gain clarity in their life and connect with their hearts, using these channeled messages from Spirit. I believe that “Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world”. So when there’s a desired shift in your external world, we first must shift and heal your inner world. The messages I receive from Spirit are all rooted in helping you know what you need to DO (what action is required) in order to HEAL, SHIFT and ALIGHT your life to AWAKEN and create the life of your desires. 

I love connecting with amazing souls like yourself. I’m happy you’ve stopped by. Please feel free to connect with me at any time. You can reach out to me via the “Contact” page or you can easily find me on Instagram by CLICKING HERE.

Looking forward to hearing from you! 


Love + Awakening Dreams,


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