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Your Year Of Soul-Aligned Success


Calling all New Coaches, Spiritual Entrepreneurs, and Dream Interpreters – it's time to step into your divine purpose and embrace your inner light as a true Lightworker.

Join the Dream Alchemist Academy, a transformative year-long journey where you'll align with your Higher Self, share your unique gifts, and empower your clients' profound transformations.

Uncover the transformative magic of dreams, healing, and soul alignment as you set forth on a journey of growth and expansion. Niche down in your business, stand out with magnetic energy, and attract the soul-aligned clients you've been yearning for.

Your path to success begins now.

Discover how becoming a Dream Alchemist can transform your life and business.

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Want me to dream for you for an entire month?

Allow me to use the full powers of my Dream Oracle gifts.

Embark on a transformative and powerful experience where dreams and reality intertwine, creating an ethereal experience like no other.

For a powerful and unique 30-day experience, I will traverse the astral planes, connecting you to your Soul, Spirit Guides, and The Universe. Together, we'll seek answers, overcome challenges, and pave the way for profound healing and transformation.

In a unique healing opportunity, I'll also connect with your energies while asleep, facilitating vibrational shifts that resonate at the core of your energetic being.

This experience is rooted in creating empowerment, clarity and Soul-alignment for yourself.

This 30 day experience bridges the gap between the Astral Planes and this reality, offering a tangible path to self-discovery and growth.

Due to the nature of this offering, if interested, please fill out the application form by clicking the link below. 

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Your Personal Guide To Unlocking Your Dreams Secrets


Embark on an illuminating journey of self-discovery with this guidebook – your ultimate guide and transformative workbook to deciphering the enigmatic language of your dreams.

Inside, you'll unveil the art of learning your personal dream language, allowing you to tune into the subtle energy and frequency of your dreams. Witness the magic unfold as you decode the hidden messages they've been longing to share with you.

Embrace the power of dream journal prompts, masterfully designed to ignite your intuition and unlock deeper insights within. Experience a powerful and accurate approach to exploring your dreams, opening the door to a conscious, intuitive connection with your inner self and Spirit Guides.

This guidebook is your gateway to a realm of profound self-awareness and spiritual alignment. Unlock the mysteries of your dreamscape and harness their wisdom to transform your reality.

Discover the Secrets Within - Grab Your Guidebook Today! 🌙

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Discover what your dream meant

Unlock Your Personal Dream Language: Your Journey Awaits.

I believe that dreams are as unique as the dreamers themselves. No two dreams are alike; each carries its own sacred language tailored to your soul's calling.

My Dream Alchemy sessions are dynamic and unique. Guided by intuition and my gifts as a Dream Oracle, I delve into the rich tapestry of your dreams, uncovering what the energy, symbols and messages truly mean in the context of your personal life.

This is not a standard and generic dream interpretation session –  you will receive dream messages that are meant for YOU, not a standard textbook or google answer. Your dreams will unveil their profound insights, tailored exclusively for your souls journey.

As a gifted Dream Oracle, I help you grasp the depth of your dream's meaning. We’ll decode the whispers of your dreams, unveiling the path they invite you to tread upon.

In just 30 minutes, you'll gain newfound clarity, understanding, and integration. Embrace your dream's divine calling and watch as it transforms your life.

Step into the realm of your personal dream language. Unleash its wisdom and potential with Dream Alchemy.

Book Your Dream Alchemy Session Today.

Cost is $222.00 USD 

**Summer promo special, $111USD**

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Unlock Your Inner Wisdom, Transform Your Life:


Dreams hold the key to a realm of untapped potential and profound self-discovery. Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey with Dream Coaching?

In these private sessions, we'll delve deep into your personal dream coaching needs, tailoring each session to your unique journey of growth. Experience the power of dreams as a spiritual awakening tool, guiding you towards higher consciousness.

Immerse yourself in the Dream World, where you'll learn to consciously heal, empowering yourself to understand dream meanings, messages, and symbols. Gain insights and guidance to navigate life's challenges and unlock clarity in every aspect of your journey.

Dream Coaching is your gateway to a world of wisdom within. Your dreams will become a source of profound transformation and enlightenment, empowering you to embrace life's abundant possibilities.

Your dreams are waiting to reveal their magic. Step into the transformative potential of Dream Coaching and awaken your fullest potential.

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$333 USD/60 min session 

**Summer promo price is $180USD**

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Embrace The Magic Of Mercury Retrograde


Unlock the hidden wisdom of your subconscious, strengthen your intuition, and delve into the profound meaning behind your dreams with our “Mercury RX & Dreams” workbook – your essential companion for working with the powerful energy of Mercury Retrograde.

As Mercury, the messenger planet, embarks on its cosmic dance, it offers us a unique opportunity to tap into messages from our subconscious and the unseen realms. Your dreams, too, serve as a portal into the depths of your mind. What better time to harness this potent energy than during Mercury Retrograde?

In collaboration with Intuitive Astrologer, Tanaaz Chubb, and creator of Forever Conscious, we present “Mercury RX & Dreams" – a self-guided workbook and video series that seamlessly guides you to unlock the full potential of your dreams during the Mercury Retrograde cycle.

Immerse yourself in the deeper meaning of Mercury Retrograde and discover how to create your personalized dreaming ritual, to be practiced each night before bed throughout the cycle. Unravel the secrets of your Dream World, receiving intuitive messages that illuminate your path.

Upon purchase, you gain access to two enlightening videos, a transformative guided meditation, and the comprehensive workbook. The course is self-paced, easy to follow, and enriched by keeping a dream journal.

“Mercury RX & Dreams” is your gateway to celestial wisdom and self-discovery. This workbook enhances your journey through the magic of Mercury Retrograde – a transformative experience that you can use each Mercury Retrograde.

Get your workbook today!

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I felt an immediate comfort with Holly. Thank you for bringing my intention into a focus to really get to the core of my query. I loved the process in preparing for the dreaming. Holly shares her insights and messages from her dreaming with a beautiful authenticity and kindness. Thank you again, incredible!



Holly is an incredibly insightful and caring human being. I would recommend her talents to anyone who has questions about the what and why of dreams. Her ability to connect with my Guardians and get answers to my questions has been very insightful for me. She is very kind and accommodating. Well worth the investment.



Holly has such a gift! She's able to translate symbols from the dream world and bring it down into grounded insight that I was immediately able to connect with. Talking with her provided more context and clarity on how to integrate the messages and move forward with ease! I highly recommend a Dream Oracle reading with Holly!

Thank you Holly for your most valuable time and help!!! 💜😘



My dream oracle resonated like a bombshell! Holly's words made me cry so true they were!!! I believe in spirits and that they can deliver messages but was surprised how clear the message can be😄I recommend this to everyone who struggles with issues and needs an input to see clear!!!

Thank you Holly for your most valuable time and help!!! 💜😘



Amazingly transparent and I could absolutly resonate with the reading. It was very well explained to my question and it could not be more clear for me and my journey. Absolutley perfectly translated for my situation and answered my question.  I wasn't expecting so much clarity for my situation. I'm  amazed by the result and the connection you provided me. 

Highly recommended for open minded people, who need some clarification in some situations . Well translated and very accurate. It was a detailed reading but still left room for my own thoughts and emotions.

Amazing work...thank you so much!



The Dream Oracle Message and Reading was very accurate to what I was already feeling in my work transition. It was really nice to have Holly insights into something I felt on a gut level.

Working with Holly on a Dream Oracle reading gave me the clarity and guidance I needed to pursue the direction in my career with confidence and ease. The way she described my situation in the dream brought depth and meaning to what I had already been experiencing internally, allowing me to move closer and closer to my ideal life on the outside. Thanks Holly! You're amazing!



Holly was so lovely to work with. Her method is so unique and her presence even through a call is so calm, lovely and gentle. The dreams she had were so on point. Things you just can’t make up — it all made perfect sense! There wasn’t one thing she said that didn’t resonate with me. She even brought some things up that I didn’t even think to look into but I know exactly how they can be correlated to why I am not healing! Having a mindset shift is already so healing in itself and I cannot wait to see how this information plays out in the next few months. Thank you so much Holly, forever grateful!



Everything Holly dreamt resonated with me except her first vision which was an image of a baseball. Within less than an hour I received a reminder for a college baseball event I had thought about attending which just so happened to be the same day I had my Dream Oracle Reading. This is my year to show up, step out, and be fearless!!!!



Holly pin pointed so many parts of my life that she was not aware of prior to starting dreaming for me. And the core of the message is definitely building inspiration in me now, as of what direction to take at this point in my life. It brings inspiration and more certitude on the path to take ahead. This is my 3rd reading with Holly and once again I am amazed of the outcome and have full trust in her intuitive abilities. Thank you for your dedication Holly!


Sometimes you desire an outside perspective...Crystal clear and straight to the point, your Dream Oracle Reading helped give me the peace of mind to patiently move forward with my approach, using my emotions as my guide when making plans for the present and future, knowing that they keep me on the right path. And it all resonates with what my soul constantly nudges me to do, so it served as a confirmation to trust my heart on pressing issues as well. Thank you!


Holly has been a guide and inspiration to me for nearly a year now. She came into my life, as well as, Bart, her husband, at a time where I really needed a different outlook on life. Having taken her "How To Attract Your Soulmate" course and had 2 readings with her since, I have full trust in her intuitive abilities. The insights she has provided, have opened doors to allow me to expend beyond the current challenges but also to unfold blockages deeply ingrain in my being. I love her enthusiasm towards Magic and passion for connecting with all that exist in this world but not visible to the human eye. Thank you to be there for me Holly!


My reading with Holly completely resonated with where I am in my life right now. Sometimes some of what you’re told isn’t what you want to hear, but what you need to hear for whatever your situation may be. For me, it’s guided me into the direction of the last bit of healing work so I can finally manifest what it is I want. Looking forward to seeing what happens! 


I loved working with Holly on a recent reading. She was insightful, clear and made observations about my life in an authentic and easy to understand manner. Her grounded energy made me feel at ease and I already feel more confident on my path based on the feedback I got from my reading with her. The reading resonated well with me and helped bring a lot of clarity to my path. It was the perfect reading for me. I will definitely be working with her again and would highly recommended working with her if you get the chance :)


Holly is very intuitive and answered my question in a way that applied to my present situation. It was a great reading!

Erin C.

Had a great reading with Holly! She gave me a lot of great advice and more insight and guidance into the situation I have been wondering about. Thank you so much Holly!


Thank you so much for the reading. Everything you said was on point. It was amazing and I can't wait to use your advice.


The reading is very nice. Resonated well with me. Gave a really good advice and explain things clearly. She is very lovely and patient which I really appreciate it. Definitely will come back for a reading again!

Tina (Life-coaching testimonial)

My whole life I have been searching for love outside of myself and walking around angry all the time because of my childhood abuse. I wanted to be happy, I just didn’t know how. My life started my miraculous change when I was guided to your website. When I listened to your story and how your life had changed so beautifully and listened to your guidance, it showed me how I too could experience nothing but joy in my life by using meditation and going inside and work through the darkness and pain of the past before I could move on from the pain of the past. I followed your guidance diligently and still do and I cant even express to you in words how much my life has changed due to this process. I went from being in an abusive relationship feeling no self-worth or love for myself allowing people to use and take advantage of me to being a woman full of self-love, self-worth and standing up for myself by setting healthy boundaries with others. I am no longer in an abusive relationship and the biggest thing is I no longer allow any form of abuse at all in my life not even from myself, something I have done all my life. You truly are sent from my angels and I thank god I was aligned to meet you and work with one on one you. You changed my life forever and I know you will do that for so many more to come. Thank you for being the light and sharing your light and for helping me to find mine.

Love always, Tina

Liz (Life-coaching testimonial)

 I cannot say enough good things about Holly. Her kindness, passion for helping people, and the experiences from her own life that she brings to her coaching are evident when speaking to her. She truly has a gift for working with and helping others.

Throughout my sessions, she has offered me simple, easy to implement, “what haven’t I thought of” -type exercises to incorporate in my day-to-day life to make me a more conscious and mindful person. With Holly, I have been able to work on coming to peace with events in my past that make me who I am, while accepting myself, imperfections and all. Most importantly, and something I didn’t even give second thought to before meeting Holly, were the practices and rituals of self-love and self-respect. I most definitely notice a difference in my overall well-being between when I first started working with Holly and now.

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