Hello, I'm Holly!

As a Dream Oracle, I possess a unique and magical gift – the conscious connection with Spirit and The Universe as I navigate the ethereal realms of dreams and astral planes.

I receive messages for you in my dreams...


At the core of my gifts lies the unique ability to channel Spirit while asleep, connecting with the Dream World on behalf of others and the collective to receive messages, insights, and guidance on specific questions.

As a Dream Oracle, I am a conduit for dreaming on behalf others – navigating the dimensions of the Dream World to connect with, support, heal, and guide individuals on their path to transformation, healing, and profound alignment with their Higher Selves.


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How Can I Serve You?

Are you seeking direction, support, or profound healing in your life's journey? Perhaps you sense that a shift is needed, but you're unsure about the path forward.

I've walked in your shoes – dedicating almost three decades to my own spiritual path of healing, growth, and forgiveness. Along this transformative journey, I've acquired powerful tools for manifesting, cultivating love, joy and awakening my spiritual and intuitive gifts.

As a Dream Oracle, I possess a unique and magical gift – the ability to consciously connect with Spirit and The Universe while navigating the Dream World and Astral Realms. Through dreams, I receive profound guidance and messages, offering invaluable support to clients in their transformation and healing process within this waking dream.

If you're ready to embrace a new chapter of self-discovery and experience the full spectrum of my Dream Oracle and Intuitive offerings, click the button below and discover how I can support your unique journey. Whether you desire life-changing shifts or deeply profound insights from the dream realm, I'm here to guide you.

Let's embark on this transformative journey together.

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Carolyn M. (Dream Oracle School Student)

"Holly's pretty much changed my life - no other way to say it. With her guidance, I'm learning about myself through my dreams, and how to help others with this gift as well. Her teachings are indispensable to me."

Tracy (Dream Oracle School Student)

"Holly is tremendously gifted; not only with her Dreaming as an Oracle but, truly, as an uplifting and guiding teacher. Her class content has been excitingly expanding and celebrates intuitive understanding. In a heartbeat, I would encourage diving into her courses plus enjoying this lifelong process of You as a Dreamer. Yes!"

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Dreamy conversations on dreams, spiritual dreaming, and awakening into a life with more love, peace, joy and compassion. The Dream Collective Podcast is here to connect you to yourself, you unique path and inspire you to share your gifts with the world from your Highest Self.

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