Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse & Dream Mantra

scorpio new moon, solar eclipse,

I’ve been sharing a bit about these upcoming energies in a few recent Instagram posts but wanted to expand more into them as they’re going to be with us over this next lunar cycle.

You’ve likely already been feeling the energies because we have a solar new moon eclipse happening on Oct 25th at 4:48am MST.

As with all new moons, I like to go into the Dream World and ask Spirit what energies they’d like us to focus on or be more mindful of over this upcoming lunar cycle.

For those who don’t know, a lunar cycle is roughly 29ish days and it’s basically one new moon to the next new moon.

For this cycle we’re stepping into now, it’s really all about allowing new beginnings and new energies to flow.

It feels like there’s been this build up of energy over the summer and like we were ready to “go” again but something energetically shifted and it’s time to really tune into our intuition and feel deeply and from there, we can take action. Or perhaps the action is to not take action and allow whatever is percolating and flowing to still build before you know what action it is you’d like to take.

There’s no rushing that’s necessary right now.

It’s time to reflect and connect deeply with your gifts or explore what your gifts are. What is calling and tugging at your heart right now?

There’s something deep inside of you that is ready to be shared with the world.

There is an abundance within you that you may not have known was there!

And it’s ok if you don’t feel or know what that is yet, if you don’t, you can just take some time to explore what that is for you. Soon you’ll have more insight and intuition around what it might be for you.

It feels like the insight might fully be understood towards the end of 2022 or start of 2023. Whatever it is, it will be exciting!

For now, slow down, follow your joy as this usually leads and connects you to your intuition!

The Moon and Dream mantra for this lunar cycle is the following:


“I surrender to my intuition and allow my magic to flow.”


How to use this mantra:

• Write the mantra somewhere you’ll see it daily.

• Focus on this mantra before bed and if you can do it will bathing in the moons energy that’s even better!

• Work with it for the entire lunar cycle (or until you feel complete with it).

• You can set reminders throughout your day to connect in with your mantra.

• TRUST that you’re receiving the integrations and downloads that are flowing at this time.


Normally I offer some reflective questions to support you with these energies but this time around, I feel called to share the idea of free writing also known as flow writing with you. I find flow writing extremely helpful in quieting my mind and tuning into the subtle energies between my thoughts. Here is how you flow write:

• Use an actual pen and paper and just write whatever comes to mind. Its even best to not lift up your pen between words.

• Even if you don’t know what to write just write that! Whatever is coming to your mind - write it down. It’s likely messy and might not make sense, but after a few minutes of this, you’ll notice your thoughts drop and your intuition takes over and you start writing down things that will likely surprise you!

• I find doing this for at least 10-15 minutes helpful. Write longer if you have the time and your arm doesn’t get too sore!

Let me know if this resonates with you!

I hope you find this article helpful to connect you more deeply to your joy and intuition.


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