Sagittarius New Moon Eclipse - Dream & Moon Mantra

shifts in consciousness, new moon
Major Cosmic Shifting Is Happening!

I've been getting so many messages and insights around change, transformation, preparation, endings and new beginnings. As well, as what we need to embody more of while we move through all these shifts in consciousness that we're experiencing.

Watch the video below for all the dream oracle messages and energies Spirit wants you to be aware of as we navigate through this upcoming lunar cycle.


Mantra & Dream Intention:

“Tonight in my dreams, I’ll be reminded that I’m confident and fierce but that I always lead with compassion.”


How to use this mantra:

• Write the mantra somewhere you’ll see it daily.

• Focus on this mantra before bed and if you can do it will bathing in the moons energy that’s even better!

• Work with it for the entire lunar cycle (or until you feel complete with it).

• You can set reminders throughout your day to connect in with your mantra.

• TRUST that you’re receiving the integrations and downloads that are flowing at this time.

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