Pisces New Moon & Dream Mantra

New moon, means new lunar cycle and new cosmic energy for us to connect into! This super new moon is taking place in the sign of Pisces and is on February 20th (depending on which timezone you're in of course).

I connected with Spirit through my dreams and asked what cosmic energies they suggested we focus on for this lunar cycle and what came up strongly was "communication".

We’re really being called to communicate our needs in a clear, compassionate way. It feels like there’s an upgrade being made available to us that we being called to step into.

Might be helpful to explore areas of frustration and see how these might be connected to how you can communicate better.

And with expressing your needs, there’s also the duality energy of that which is listening. So as much as we’re being called to speak our truth and needs from a grounded, clear and compassionate way, we must also listen from a grounded, clear and compassionate way.

By doing this, there is a flow of energy that opens up. A deeper giving and receiving that will take place between you, others and also The Universe because we’re always in communication with the Universe (God, Spirit, The Divine, etc) too.

What I was really reminded of was the pisces symbol of two fish and how it looks very much like yin and yang and how this is connected to communication. It's important to be able to easily communicate what we need and also be good active listeners to those who are communicating with us. When we do this, there is balance, flow and (hopefully) understanding and acceptance.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac so this new moon is a great time for reflection and setting the stage for the new lunar year ahead. It's a great time to reflect on your communication over the past year and how you might want to do things differently for this upcoming year.

Here is your mantra:

"I easily and compassionately communicate my needs to others and actively listen to others when they communicate their needs to me."


 Here are some reflective questions you can explore through journalling or meditation:

• Are you communicating your needs clearly?

• Are you communicating your needs compassionately?

• Are you feeling frustrated because you’re expecting someone/something to happen or do something for you but yet, you haven’t clearly communicated what you need?

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