How to Receive Guidance in your Dreams Using the Moon Cycle

You may already know the power of the Moon, her cycles and how they impact your waking life. But have you ever considered that the Moon impacts your sleep and dreams too?

Maybe you have already noticed this in your life but have been unaware that you can start to powerfully use the Moon’s energy through the Dream World.

Dream Tracking

A fun way to start understanding when you dream the most, and what kind of dreams you have is by tracking your dreams over time. Of course, it takes some dedication but I promise you, it’s so worth it!

Each morning, have a “Dream Journal” next to your bed and write down what you dreamt as well as which zodiac sign the Moon was in. (You can figure this out by downloading a Moon app like Time Passages or by consulting a Moon Ephemeris).

You’re going to start noticing some pretty amazing patterns over time!

The Moon influences not just your dreams, but your sleep as well. You’ll notice during some Moon cycles you’re sleeping much better than others.

For example, although I dream every night, typically, when the Moon is in Aquarius, my dreams are FULL of messages from Spirit and my connection is extra clear and strong!

When the Moon is in Pisces, I experience different types of dreams and the spiritual messages are different.

You might also notice that when the Moon is full, you experience more dreams versus when there is a New Moon, you may not remember your dreams at all.

It’s different for everyone, so starting to track your own dreaming cycles can be quite insightful.

Using Dreams to Receive Guidance

Dream Tracking is a great foundation, but what if I told you that you can use the Dream World to support every aspect of your waking life, would you be interested?

Using the power of the Moon through the Dream World is highly supportive for your subconscious mind and energetic bodies, and can help you heal, shift, align and manifest quicker in your everyday life.

Would you like to improve your manifesting skills?

My invitation to you is to start exploring how you sleep and dream in relationship with the Moon and her cycles.

When you can consciously use the powerful Moon energy through your dreams each night, you’re going to start to understand yourself better and your own deeper, magical, and divine relationship to not just the Moon, but the whole cosmos!

Taking the first steps:

Think of something you would like guidance on. Let’s say, for example, you want to improve your intuitive ability.

A powerful way you can start connecting with the Moon Cycles and using them in your Dream World is this:

New Moon – You can create from the void of creation itself. This is the beginning of manifestation and being void of grasping. So with our example, you would set your intention to improve your intuitive abilities. Here is an intention you can use before you go to sleep to focus
or meditate on:

“Spirit guides please guide me in improving my intuitive ability.”

(During this time, you’re not looking for specific guidance, but you are setting your intention for this entire moon cycle.)

Waxing Moon – the Moon’s energy and your intention is building through this cycle. So you’re in a phase of calling in what it is you need to know, do, or heal to improve your intuitive ability. Your intention begins to change slightly, the questions you could ask in the Dream World:

“What do I need to do to so I can increase my intuition?”

“What do I need to step into and embody in order to increase my intuition?”

Full Moon – This is when the moon is at the height of her power, and the fullness of creation. Focus on allowing the energy of the Full Moon supporting you in the Dream World to activate your intuition in deeper ways.

At this point, you should have some messages from Spirit and the Dream World as to what actions you can take to improve your intuitive ability. Ensure you’re taking these actions. Embody what your dreams have shared with you.

Some suggested intentions you can set before you go to sleep during this Full Moon time is:

“What does full embodiment of my intuitive ability look like?”

“How can I best use my intuition for myself and others in my life right now?”

Waning Moon – The Moon’s energy is now shedding and releasing and you are now being called to do the same. Before you go to sleep each night, set the intention to receive guidance on what you need to shed and release in order to step more fully into your intuition:

“What do I need to shed, release or let go of so I can increase my intuition?”

“What are the belief(s) or negative pattern(s) that I have, that don’t support my intuitive process?”

As the Moon approaches the new Moon cycle again, you can reflect on what you let go of, what you embodied more of, and how this new level of understanding will help you set your new intention for the next cycle.

An example intention for the next moon cycle could be:
“Spirit, please show me how I can use my intuitive abilities to serve others.”

Journaling Prompts

Whether you are Dream Tracking or using your dreams to receive guidance, here are some journal prompts to support your writing process.

  • How did you feel when you woke up?
  • How long did you sleep for?
  • Did you have a good or bad sleep?
  • What is shifting around you?
  • How do you feel each morning when you wake?
  • How did you sleep during each phase of the moon?
  • How is your outer world shifting as a result of this inner work and dream work?
  • How has this area of your life changed over this moon cycle?
  • What is different from the beginning of the moon cycle to the end?

Wrapping It All Up

This is a practice you can use in all areas of your life – personal, business, spiritual, physical, and emotional.

This process will help you see how connected you are to the guidance you’re seeking with the support of the Moon cycles through your dreams.

You will likely witness incredible a-ha moments, synchronicities, and feel grounded and empowered.

Working with the Moon and your dreams will show you a new way of tapping into Spirit that is available to you each night.

Things might be subtle at first, but it’s good to keep all of this in your dream journal or diary so you can witness the shifts within yourself and what’s now manifesting in your physical world.

The Dream World is a place you go to each night and tap into the divine, universal and infinite wisdom.

If you’re curious about consciously working with your dreams, tapping into this energy, and understanding your personal dream language – then I invite you to enroll in my Dream Oracle School by clicking HERE.

**This article was originally published on Forever Conscious and can be found HERE.

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