Your Dream Oracle Message For Aries Season

Aries season 2022

Welcome to Aries season!

We've just had the Equinox on March 21st which signals the beginning of spring and the start of a new astrological year.

I decided to go into the Dream World and ask Spirit what they would like me to share with you as we step into this time of new beginnings.

Much of the messages have been around slowing down and not putting so much pressure on ourselves. This pressure is not put on us by others, we do it to ourselves. Everyone is else too busy putting pressure on themselves to be focused on you and what you're doing or not doing.

And this pressure we put on ourselves is based on judgements of where we "should" but but currently are not. We desire to be at a certain point in our lives because we see others at that point. And because we don't feel like we're there, we beat ourselves up, judge ourselves and put pressure on ourselves to strive for goals and achievements that ultimately don't align with who we are.

We're all unique beings have our own unique paths, ways of doing things and timing in which we do things.

It's time we all run our own race. Stay in our own lanes. Of course, still cheer and support each other but drop the self judgement. Step into deeper trust in your own divine plan. Spirit and your Higher Self are guiding you and you're exactly where you need to be (even if you think you're not)! You've got this! Everything is unfolding perfectly in its imperfect way. There's perfection in the imperfection - our judgement is what gets in the way of us seeing this.

Aries season is calling us to slow down, tune into ourselves and feel into which ways we're truly drawn to move in our lives. We're not all designed the same so we need to stop comparing ourselves to others and judging ourselves negatively when we don't fit into that box that belongs and fits for someone else. Again, trust, trust, trust in your own unique path - this is key!

Ultimately, we're being called to navigate our lives differently that we did before. This is a foundational time and setting the stage for this next year and beyond.

Here are a few journal prompts to help you work with this energy as well as a dream intention you can work with:

Journal prompts:

  • Where am I being called to slow down and reassess in my life?
  • What has my heart been calling me towards?
  • What judgements towards myself am I ready to release?
  • How can I deepen trust in myself and on my own unique path?

Dream Intention for Aries season:

“Tonight through my dreams, I’ll step into deeper trust and clarity”

How to use this dream intention:

  • Write it on a paper and place it beside your bed or under your pillow.
  • Focus on it or repeat it 3x before you go to sleep.
  • Do this for as long as you feel called to work with this dream intention.

Note: You don't need to remember or understand your dreams in order to reap the benefits of this dream intention. It will work on the energetic layers of your being and subconscious to help shift and integrate these energies into your field.

Wishing you a beautiful start to this new astrological year. May the seeds you plant for yourself this spring blossom for you in the most magical ways ✨.

If this article resonates, please feel free to share it!

🤍 Holly

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