Cultivating Joy - New Moon & Dream Mantra

The new moon in Gemini (which peaks on Monday May 30th) marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle and new cosmic energies! As with all new moons, I go into the Dream World and ask Spirit what cosmic energies they’d like us to focus on during this new lunar cycle.

The theme Spirit shared with me for this new lunar cycle is JOY. 

Collectively, we’re all experiencing such heavy energy and we’re being reminded to turn to joy. As we navigate these challenging times, we sometimes have to make a more conscious effort to choose joy, make time for joy and welcome joy back into our lives. We need to welcome more balance into our lives and offset the heaviness by cultivating more joy.

Sometimes it can feel wrong to cultivate joy in a time when there is so much suffering and pain in the world, but this is precisely why we need to welcome joy back in. What we energetically focus on expands. If we're constantly consuming and focusing on the negative in the world that's the energy that will keep growing and expanding. So it's vital to focus our energy on what is positive, joyful and uplifting as well. It's not about ignoring the negative, because that's not helpful. But it's about creating more joyful shifts (even if they're small) within ourselves and our lives to start expanding that positive energy outwards to help a collective shift towards lighter energy for all.

Here are some reflective questions to help you embody more joyful energy:

  • Where have you been avoiding joy or deciding not to be in joy?
  • What could you do today to welcome more joy into your life?
  • What does “joy” mean to you?
  • How has your relationship with joy shifted over the years?
    • What things use to bring you joy?
    • What might bring you more joy today?

It's less about doing again the things that use to bring you joy in hopes they will again, but it's about what can you do to cultivate more joy into your life and what does joy mean to you now?  

Maybe it is returning to old passions and joys and maybe it's about discovering a new joy. This is what this lunar cycle is calling you to explore.

It's often thought that the primary way to transform is through suffering. Yes, that is one way to do it, however, you can also transform through JOY. 

This new lunar cycle is an invitation to not just cultivate more joy into your life but to really allow that joy to transform your life in the most magical ways.

Joy is a powerful energy and when we invite it into our lives, the most amazing things can happen.

Here is your gemini dream and moon mantra:

"I cultivate deeper joy into my life and allow it to transform myself and the world around me in the most magical ways."

 How to use this mantra:

  • Write the mantra somewhere you’ll see it daily.
  • Place this mantra under your pillow each night.
  • Focus on this mantra before bed and if you can do it will bathing in the moons energy that’s even better!
  • Work with it for the entire lunar cycle (or until you feel complete with it).
  • You can set reminders throughout your day to connect in with your mantra.
  • TRUST that you’re receiving the integrations and downloads that are flowing at this time.

I hope you find the time to cultivate more joy into your life over this next lunar cycle and beyond.



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