Aquarius New Moon & Dream Mantra - January 2023

As with all new moons, I like to go into the Dream World and connect with Spirit to see what energies the new lunar cycle is bringing us. Spirit shares what energies to focus on in order to support our daily lives as we each navigate the cosmic energies both collectively and individually.

The energies that we’re being called to focus on right now are breaking free from the habits that keeps us small, in a box, and unseen.

In part of my dream, I was in an actual box and felt like I was dangling up high and needed help to get out. It didn’t feel trapped or claustrophobic but more comfortable with still a small desire to see outside the box.

Next thing I know, a good friend of mine peers over the box and inside. I had no idea that the box was open on top - I could have crawled out anytime I wanted. The box itself was also made out of cardboard, so I also could have just “broken through” it. My friends energy was playful, excited to see me and had this “ok, so you coming out of the box yet?” joyful energy to his demeanour.

As mentioned, my energies of the dream were comfortable, yet curious and then once out of the box, I felt tall, full and alive. Feelings of “lit up” is another way to describe it. There was also this energy of “Wow! that was so much easier than I thought it was going to be”.

With this dream, Spirit is saying it’s time to explore how we each keep ourselves in this metaphorical box that we can’t see through, but can break through, or step out of at anytime. This metaphorical box might represent thoughts, beliefs, ideas, ways of doing or viewing things, comfort zone, etc.

There was also this energy of approaching things from a higher perspective - like my friend did when he peered into the box from above. Sometimes, others can be our guides to help illuminate these higher perspectives when we are focused on the walls that keep us from seeing out. Sometimes, all we need to do is just look up.

This is also a reminder that there’s always help, support and guidance on our journey - this may be from friends, Spirit Guides, our intuition, Higher Selves, etc. Typically help and support come in all these forms and it’s a matter of whether or not we’re willing and open to receiving it.


Dream and Moon Mantra:

“I break free from habits that keep me small so I can embody and be seen for the magic I contain.”

Habits: thoughts, beliefs, ideas, ways of doing or viewing things


How to use this mantra:


• Write the mantra somewhere you’ll see it daily.

• Focus on this mantra before bed and if you can do it will bathing in the moons energy that’s even better!

• Work with it for the entire lunar cycle (or until you feel complete with it).

• You can set reminders throughout your day to connect in with your mantra.

• TRUST that you’re receiving the integrations and downloads that are flowing at this time.


Reflective questions:

• What beliefs do I have that keep me small?

• Where am I not fully seeing and embracing my magic?

• What parts within myself need healing so I can love myself more deeply?

• Am I truly open to receiving help and support from my Spirit Guides and those around me?


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