007 - Healing The Witch Wound With Luna Veronica

Luna is an intuitive astrologer & business witch helping spiritual women live mystical lives & create financial abundance through soul purpose work using astrology, ritual & channeled reflections.

transforming self-inquiry to a soul purpose 6 figure witchy business, Luna believes that through the deep understanding & exploration of your natal chart mixed with ritual & metaphysical practices, is the secret code to embracing the unique aspect of your own magic while embracing your offerings to serve others & manifest your dreams in the process.

Luna’s spell that she casts through her work is to help magnetic people & business witches reclaim their mystical path while creating financial freedom and a confident life where they believe anything is possible. Luna invites you to unveil your soul’s truth & inner creatrix to assist you to create a more free & magical journey here on earth.

To connect with Luna:


Instagram: @luna.veronica.mystic