Hello, I'm Holly!

I’m a Dream Oracle, meaning, I have a unique ability to connect with Spirit while asleep in the Dream World and dream on behalf of others.

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I'm Holly and a Dream Oracle, meaning, I have a unique ability to connect with Spirit while asleep in the Dream World.

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I receive messages for you in my dreams...


I’m a Dream Oracle. Meaning, I have a unique ability to connect with Spirit while dreaming in my sleep. 

My dream oracle gifts allow me to access the subconscious minds of my clients, quickly and efficiently identifying unsupportive blocks, and barriers within them. This allows them to know where to focus their healing, shift their lives and align with what it is they desire to create in their life.

For my clients, this work is deeply transformative, healing and profoundly life-changing.


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How can I serve you?

Do you feel like you need a bit of direction, support or healing? Maybe you know you do, but you just don’t quite know what you need to shift your life.

I’ve been in your shoes! I’ve spent the last 20+ years of my life on my own spiritual path of healing, growing, and forgiving. Throughout the years, I’ve learned tools for manifesting, creating love, and opening up and connecting with my spiritual and intuitive gifts. 

If you’re interested in truly doing some life-changing and deeply profound work, then click the button below and see how I can support you.

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Curious to explore your dreams and understand the messages hidden in them? Want learn how to start consciously using your dreams as a tool for spiritual awakening? Or maybe you think you're a Dream Oracle too?

Come and explore the infinite depths of your dreams!


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Carolyn M. (Dream Oracle School Student)

"Holly's pretty much changed my life - no other way to say it. With her guidance, I'm learning about myself through my dreams, and how to help others with this gift as well. Her teachings are indispensable to me."

Tracy (Dream Oracle School Student)

"Holly is tremendously gifted; not only with her Dreaming as an Oracle but, truly, as an uplifting and guiding teacher. Her class content has been excitingly expanding and celebrates intuitive understanding. In a heartbeat, I would encourage diving into her courses plus enjoying this lifelong process of You as a Dreamer. Yes!"

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The Dream Collective Podcast


Dreamy conversations on dreams, spiritual dreaming, and awakening into a life with more love, peace, joy and compassion. The Dream Collective Podcast is here to connect you to yourself, you unique path and inspire you to share your gifts with the world from your Highest Self.

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