How To Attract Your Soulmate

~ Roadmap To Manifesting ~

Looking for love? Want to find your Soulmate or improve your current relationship? This course will help you uncover your internal blocks and barriers that you have within you that have been keeping love from entering or staying in your life.

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Have you been wondering...


WHEN you're finally going to meet THE ONE?
If he's FINALLY going to commit?


Or Maybe...


You're in a relationship with someone and waiting and hoping for things to FINALLY get better?


If you answered YES to any of the above questions...


My "How To Attract Your Soulmate - Roadmap To Manifesting" course is perfect for you!


I use to ask myself the same questions. And ultimately those questions lead me down a path that twisted and turned for far longer than I wanted them too.

I wasted so many years doing the wrong things to find love.

Can you relate?

In the end, at the ripe age of 34, I finally met my Soulmate. Now that I did, I'm able to look back and truly understand HOW I did it. And knowing what I know now, I know WHAT I could have done years earlier to attract my soulmate sooner.

I want to share it ALL with you.

In my "How To Attract Your Soulmate" course, I share exactly what YOU need to DO in order to HEAL, so you can SHIFT and ALIGN to attract the love and relationship into your life that you've always desired.



I get want to know if I have street cred...

I've had 40 rotations around this sun and for the last 20 years of those, I've spent head first diving into my own personal development, healing and spiritual growth.

LOVE always eluded me...I couldn't understand why I had a string of failed relationships and no good prospects on the horizon.

I've even spent 4 years with a man who just wouldn't commit (convinced he was "The One")...he even refused to call me his girlfriend! (Ya, it was THAT bad...and I still stuck around!)

Long story short, you'll learn:

What's REALLY blocking love from entering your life.

How to UNCOVER what the blocks are when you have no clue what they are.

How to HEAL and OVERCOME the blocks

To feel confident and empowered in love, dating and relationships.

How to truly align your energy to attract your perfect partner to YOU - no more chasing!

How to trust your intuition in love and relationships.

To FINALLY stand in YOUR POWER and attract LOVE into your life from THAT energetic place. (Trust me, this is a game-changer).


waiting for your luck in love to change.


Don't make the same mistakes year after year. Life is short!


Take ACTION and EMPOWER yourself now!

Don't Miss Out!

If you're REALLY ready to attract your Soulmate, then join the course now!

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What's included?

**Please note that this course is primarily designed for women seeking men. It's based off my own life experience and what's worked for me and past clients. However, if you're not a women seeking a man, there is still a ton of helpful content that will still apply for you and you can shift the pronouns to align best with you.**

  • Six (6) modules to this course.
  • Each module has a video teachings.
  • Each module has corresponding homework.
  • All meditations and support material is included.
  • Access to community discussion and comment boards.
  • Access to me through the comment boards within the course.


Course Breakdown:

Module 1 - Owning Your Internal Game

Dive into WHY the Law of Attraction hasn't worked for you in the past. You learn how to notice your internal game and unsupportive patterns. I also teach you how to create a powerful and magnetic intention around manifesting love.

Module 2 - Emotions, Energies & Beliefs

You'll explore the emotions, energies and beliefs that have truly been creating your unwanted experiences in your love life. Together, we'll uncover your Anti-Cheerleader - who she is and how she's impacted your love life. We start addressing your inner world so you can start taking your control back.

Module 3 - Inception Point Belief (IPB)

Here you'll really start uncovering the blocks and barriers that have been preventing love from entering or staying in your life. As well, pinpointing exactly when, where and how these beliefs started taking over your life.

Module 4 - Shifting & Healing

Now that you have a clear picture of the deep rooted and subconscious beliefs, patterns and energies that have been ruling your love life - Here is when you start shifting it all out in order to step into your true self.

Module 5 - Inner Child Healing

This is one of the most powerful modules as you'll dive into some really deep inner healing work by working with your inner child. This is a life changing chapter and will truly and powerfully shift your love life forever!

Module 6 - Forgiveness & Confidently Moving Beyond

Forgiveness is foundational and powerful. In this module, I gracefully guide you through deep and healing forgiveness so you can confidently, wholly and completely step into this new and exciting phase of your love life.

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