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Spiritual Dreaming Herbs & Tinctures

Through this video course, you'll be introduced to how to use your dreams each night as a spiritual practice with the assistance of specific herbs.

It's co-hosted with Carmen Loeffler, who is a Plant Alchemist (and personally one of the most magical people I know!).

You'll learn how to start using your dreams each night as a spiritual practice and infuse more intention and ritual to this part of your evening (and while you sleep!). I always say that the best "morning practice" starts with your bedtime ritual the evening before.

During the workshop, you will make your own herbal dreaming tincture (we'll send you hand harvested herbs and a tincture making kit to use during this video course and be given a list of everyday household tools you'll need handy).

You'll learn:

✦ About a selection of herbs that are here to be your allies when dreaming as a spiritual practice.

✦ How to make your own tincture (you will make one in this course - herbs & tincture bottle included).

✦ A brief into herbal medicine making

✦ The energetic and medicinal qualities of the herbs we will be working with during the workshop.

✦ Mantra for bringing forth healing vibrations of each plant.

✦ Create a powerful dream and bedtime ritual to intentionally work with your dreams (even if you don't remember them). 

✦ How to tap into your dreams as a Spiritual Practice.

✦ Why and how to dream with intention.

✦ How herbs can be allies for your dream work.

✦ So much more!


Start to dream yourself awake in this magical course!


**NOTE: We HIGHLY recommend waiting until you receive the herbs to start this course - it will be more magical if you do!*

*If outside of North America - additional shipping charges may apply. Email holly {at} to inquire.

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How To Attract Your Soulmate

Looking for love? Want to find your Soulmate or improve your current relationship? This online video course will help you uncover your internal blocks and barriers that you have within you that have been keeping love from entering or staying in your life.

  • Six (6) modules to this course.
  • Each module has a video teachings.
  • Each module has corresponding homework.
  • All meditations and support material is included.
  • Access to community discussion and comment boards.
  • Access to me through the comment boards within the course.
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