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Dream Oracle Reading

Feeling lost or confused?

✦ Get the clarity you're looking for!

✦ Find out with certainty what your next steps in life are.

✦ No need to wonder anymore...

This Dream Oracle reading is POWERFUL and can give you the insights and clarity you've been craving! I'll get the answers and insights directly from your Soul and Spirit Guides.

How it works:

✦ You provide me with your open-ended question.

✦ I'll go into the Dream World on your behalf and get the answer(s)/guidance for you.

✦ Once I have your messages, I'll connect with you to give you my calendar so we can set up a time to connect via zoom and I can share the answers, insights, messages and guidance with you.

Cost: $333 USD 

**Please follow steps to get in touch with Holly on the payment confirmation page once you've made your purchase**

What Past Clients Are Saying:

Working with Dream Oracle Holly is incredibly magical! It was amazing to hear the dreams she was having for me while connecting them with my own. Working with her on this deeper level helped me release the pain and tension I've been holding in my back for several years, which, it turned out, was connected to other rigid systems I was holding on to in addition to old trauma I thought I had moved on from. Her interpretations of both of our dreams helped bring everything together so much more cohesively than I could on my own. This is such a special service and a one-of-a-kind experience that was HIGHLY effective and one that I highly recommend for anyone looking for deeper guidance around issues that have been weighing on them for way too long.


Holly has such a gift! She's able to translate symbols from the dream world and bring it down into grounded insight that I was immediately able to connect with. Talking with her provided more context and clarity on how to integrate the messages and move forward with ease! I highly recommend a Dream Oracle reading with Holly!


I felt an immediate comfort with Holly. Thank you for bringing my intention into a focus to really get to the core of my query. I loved the process in preparing for the dreaming. Holly shares her insights and messages from her dreaming with a beautiful authenticity and kindness. Thank you again, incredible!


Holly is an Incredibly Insightful and Caring Human Being. I would recommend her talents to anyone who has questions about the what and why of Dreams. Her ability to connect with my Guardians and get answers to my questions has been very insightful for me. She is very Kind and accommodating. Well worth the investment.


Holly was so lovely to work with. Her method is so unique and her presence even through a call is so calm, lovely and gentle. The dreams she had were so on point. Things you just can’t make up — it all made perfect sense! There wasn’t one thing she said that didn’t resonate with me. She even brought some things up that I didn’t even think to look into but I know exactly how they can be correlated to why I am not healing! Having a mindset shift is already so healing in itself and I cannot wait to see how this information plays out in the next few months. Thank you so much Holly, forever grateful!


My reading with Holly completely resonated with where I am in my life right now. Sometimes some of what you’re told isn’t what you want to hear, but what you need to hear for whatever your situation may be. For me, it’s guided me into the direction of the last bit of healing work so I can finally manifest what it is I want. Looking forward to seeing what happens!


My one-question-session was loving and supportive as well as did not feel judgmental of my fears.


Sometimes you desire an outside perspective...Crystal clear and straight to the point, your Dream Oracle Reading helped give me the peace of mind to patiently move forward with my approach, using my emotions as my guide when making plans for the present and future, knowing that they keep me on the right path. And it all resonates with what my soul constantly nudges me to do, so it served as a confirmation to trust my heart on pressing issues as well. Thank you!


Holly pin pointed so many parts of my life that she was not aware of prior to starting dreaming for me. And the core of the message is definitely building inspiration in me now, as of what direction to take at this point in my life. It brings inspiration and more certitude on the path to take ahead. This is my 3rd reading with Holly and once again I am amazed of the outcome and have full trust in her intuitive abilities. Thank you for your dedication Holly!


The Dream Oracle Message and Reading was very accurate to what I was already feeling in my work transition. It was really nice to have Holly insights into something I felt on a gut level. Working with Holly on a Dream Oracle reading gave me the clarity and guidance I needed to pursue the direction in my career with confidence and ease. The way she described my situation in the dream brought depth and meaning to what I had already been experiencing internally, allowing me to move closer and closer to my ideal life on the outside. Thanks Holly! You're amazing!


Amazingly transparent and I could absolutly resonate with the reading. It was very well explained to my question and it could not be more clear for me and my journey. Absolutley perfectly translated for my situation and answered my question. I wasn't expecting so much clarity for my situation. I'm amazed by the result and the connection you provided me. Highly reccommended for open minded people, who need some clarification in some situations . Well translated and very accurate. It was a detailed reading but still left room for my own thoughts and emotions. Amazing work...thank you so much!


My dream oracle reading resonated like a bombshell! Holly's words made me cry so true they were!!! I believe in spirits and that they can deliver messages but was surprised how clear the message can be! I recommend this to everyone who struggles with issues and needs an input to see clear!!! Thank you Holly for your most valuable time and help!!!