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Dream Oracle School - Annual Membership

Soon you'll...

  • start understanding your own dream language.
  • learn how the lunar cycles influence your dreaming.
  • uncover the messages Spirit has been sharing with you each night.
  • learn how to manifest using your dreams.
  • and so much more!

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What Students Are Saying...

Dream Oracle School with you, Holly Emmerson, was amazing and came at exactly the right time in my life, my journey, and my spiritual practice. I've learned so much that fully complements my dreamwork, and takes it to the next level! I felt that the way you delivered this course is perfect for anyone - from a total dreamwork newbie, through to an advanced spiritual practitioner as myself. You are SO authentic and honestly that makes all the difference. Thank you Holly for sharing your expertise, authenticity and heart to the world through this course! Looking forward to continuing to work with you.


Dream Oracle School has changed the way I feel about dreaming for the better. It has opened my eye so much more than just dreams. I discovered they (my dreams) mean so many things. I'm also now more connected to my higher self and that's important.


Holly is plain and simple: a gift to people. By using her own gifts, she allows other people to develop and share theirs - thereby helping more and more people! I can't think of a better way to spend a life :)


Holly has really helped me with my communication with spirit in the dream world. I’ve always had dreams as a child and received messages from spirit. I wasn’t sure what it all meant and I’m so glad I found Holly to help guide me. Amazing!!!


Holly has helped me to understand and value my sleep time and showed me ways to connect more deeply with Spirit and with myself. As a dream oracle, she has used her gifts to opened my eyes to the different ways we dream and how we are all so interconnected. Her positive and pure energy really makes each class something to look forward to and allows each of us to feel comfortable and safe to share our thoughts and dreams.


Holly has opened my eyes to a world of possibilities in dreaming that I never knew was an option. I am growing both in my waking and sleeping life, and I absolutely love it!


Holly is a gifted intuitive and a patient and knowledgeable teacher. Working with her is transformative and inspiring because she pushes us and encourages us to work to decipher our own dream langauge, rather than just tell us what our dreams mean. When she sees a message that we do not, she gently guides us with a series of questions that not only helps us to decipher our dream’s message, but also gives us the tools We need to be able to uncover meanings from other dreams as well. Holly is a guide above all else. She doesn’t pretend to know everything or have all the answers. She encourages us to explore our own inner worlds and come to our own intuitive conclusions about our versions of the truth. She is kind and supportive and thoughtful and constantly holding a beautiful space for us to feel safe, vulnerable, and curious about all the beautiful messages we uncover in our sleeping and waking lives.


Holly is tremendously gifted; not only with her Dreaming as an Oracle but, truly, as an uplifting and guiding teacher. Her class content has been excitingly expanding and celebrates intuitive understanding. In a heartbeat, I would encourage diving into her courses plus enjoying this lifelong process of You as a Dreamer. Yes!


I'm enjoying the DOS, it's helped me uncover my own dream language and how to interpret dreams by dropping into my heart and listening to my intuition as opposed to analyzing it. I'm a Gemini and I over analyze everything so this practice has helped me think with my heart more than my head.


Holly's pretty much changed my life - no other way to say it. With her guidance, I'm learning about myself through my dreams, and how to help others with this gift as well. Her teachings are indispensable to me.


The Dream Oracle School classes have been so helpful for me and my dreams are so clear to me now and so fun to decode (even when they're ominous AF lol). Thanks Holly! xo